What’s The Cause of Your Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be caused by an incident or an accident, but the causes of knee pain seemingly comes out of nowhere and you cannot think of any instance which may have caused it. There may be swelling, pain or discomfort around the knee. If the pain is very bad, or is accompanied by symptoms which make you feel very unwell then it is advisable to see your GP in order that medical conditions such as gout,- which can commonly affect the knee, can be eliminated.

If the cause is not medical, then the likelihood is that you have strained or irritated the muscles, bones, joints or ligaments within the knee. Often this can be caused by something as simple as non ideal foot mechanics, a leg length difference (which is surprisingly common), or a combination of both. In normal walking the foot rotates and any over strain can affect the knee. Body tissues can be under strain for a long time and not give any symptoms until one little thing gives way. Commonly there can be a huge flare up quite disproportionate to the apparent cause.

Common knee conditions include inflammation of any of the 14 bursa inside the knee (bursitis), wear and tear or damage of the cartilage inside the knee or kneecap, tearing or sprain of the ligaments both inside and outside the knee joint, osteoarthritis or injuries to the muscles around the knee

It is important to have the knee examined by someone who understands the underlying anatomy and mechanics such as an Osteopath. In this way a proper diagnosis can be made. It is essential to understand what has caused the problems in the first place. This is so the cause of the pain is treated as well as the pain itself. This ensures effective knee pain relief treatment so that your problems are unlikely to ever happen again and conditions such as arthritis can be prevented.

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