Back to Basic – Part II

My summer holiday last year was a trip to Croatia staying with my lovely friend Tanja. I didn’t stay at a seaside resort or a buzzing tourist spot such as Djurbrovic or Zebrab but a little village called Augostanovec – yes you heard it here first! This wasn’t just a holiday, it was a opportunity … Read more

Summer Harvest – 1

Last summer I had the pleasure of looking after my friend’s gardens, allotments and animals whilst they went away on holiday.  As a result I got more than I bargained for. I have always like the thought of being somewhat self-sufficient – well certainly when it comes to the food that I eat. I certainly … Read more

Anyone Ordered A Plateful of Beige?

I took my daughter to one of her friend’s birthday party the other day which was organised and held at a soft play centre which happened to be within a restaurant. It was great, while the mother’s chatted over copious amounts of cups of tea; the children played happily paying no attention to us whatsoever! … Read more